How can we stop our waste ending up in landfill or even the ocean? The answer is to match material with the people who can reuse it. And a new “dating” site for waste is doing just that. Dutch start-up Excess Materials Exchange is a member of The Circulars Accelerator Cohort 2021 on UpLink. Welcome to the world’s most environmentally friendly “dating site”. But don’t expect to find a life partner here. This site matches waste materials with solutions that enable their reuse while reducing CO2 emissions. For many companies, disposing of waste can be a real headache, especially if it’s not suitable for conventional recycling methods. But Excess Materials Exchange (EME) not only aims to find ways to reuse waste but also to enable companies to make money from what they throw away. “I run a dating site,” founder Maayke Aimee Damen said in a TEDx talk about her tech-enabled business. “A dating site for secondary materials, a dating site for stuff people throw away, where we match supply and demand for materials and materials with their highest value option.” Chosen as one of the pioneers in the The Circulars Accelerator 2021 cohort , Maayke’s Netherlands-based team say […]


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