Is your yard swarming with mosquitos? An excellent way to keep flying insects at bay without harmful chemicals is to recruit bats to eat them. Providing bats with the right habitat encourages them to take up residence nearby. Bats like to live in tight crevices in wooden structures, such as under the bark on a tree or even in window frames and attics. Some places are less ideal than others, so providing a bat box or bat house is an excellent way to encourage them to live in a desirable location. An ideal bat house will emulate the natural qualities they seek. It has a tight wooden space with some surfaces for bats to hang upside down in the daytime when they are sleeping, grooming, and interacting with other bats. Bats then leave the shelter at dusk to hunt for food. Can I build my own bat house? Many models are relatively easy to build if you are just slightly handy. There are also numerous premade bat houses available that you can purchase. Cedarwood is an excellent choice because it is so durable and naturally prevents rot and decay. Avoid using treated wood, which could be undesirable or even […]


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