Food made from captured atmospheric carbon could feed the world while helping to combat climate change, according to Solar Foods CEO Pasi Vainikka. "We can capture CO2 anywhere," said Vainikka, whose company has developed a protein powder made using carbon dioxide. "That is a strategic shift where you don’t really need arable land and your raw materials are in the air." Solein protein powder (top image) can be added to foods and drinks as a nutritional supplement (above) The vegan protein powder, called Solein , is created by microbes that metabolise carbon dioxide, absorbing the carbon so they can grow while releasing the oxygen. The powder can be turned into meat and dairy substitutes or added to foods and shakes as a nutritional supplement. Solar Foods claims that Solein eliminates most of the emissions associated with modern agriculture, which is responsible for almost one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions . One kilogram of Solein emits 0.2 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) in its production, Solar Food claims. In comparison, beef herds produce around 100 kilograms and chicken 10 kilograms of CO2e. Solein could "remove the climate impact of food systems" "[We can] remove the climate impact of food […]


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