Courtesy of Suntory Close Authorship Suntory has invested in water sanctuaries on its properties since the 1970s. Biodiversity provides humanity and our economies with the resources needed to thrive. However, the planet is experiencing a great loss of biodiversity due to overfishing, deforestation and pollution. Humans and our planet’s ecosystem are inextricably linked and as our planet warms, the threat to ecosystems is a threat to us. It’s crucial for corporations to make strides to protect biodiversity. In April, Bloomberg reported that "a third of endemic species on land and half in the sea will become extinct if greenhouse gas emissions are not reined in," and WWF’s 2020 Living Planet Index , which measures the population sizes of mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles, found a 68 percent decline in animal biodiversity since 1970. But companies and investors are struggling to understand, articulate and quantify the positive impacts of biodiversity on their businesses, making taking action against biodiversity loss difficult. The UN Biodiversity Conference ( COP15 ), scheduled to take place later this year, will be a notable moment for companies to articulate their efforts in developing comprehensive plans of action and take steps to better steward the environment. […]


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