How many tubes of toothpaste do you think you’ve used in your life? Think of a number. Now, think of the fact that it takes the average tube of toothpaste 500 years to break down. When you factor in all the tubes you’ve used and all the tubes everyone else you know has used, it adds up to an environmental nightmare. But what if those pesky toothpaste tubes were made of something biodegradable ? Every year, 1.5 billion tubes of toothpaste go into landfills . It will take each and every single one of those tubes 500 years to break down. But this sustainable toothpaste from Rocc Naturals is aiming to help manage this ever-growing plastic crisis. It’s packaged in biodegradable tubes, which can be a big step toward lessening the plastics nightmare the Earth currently finds itself in. These tubes break down in six to 10 years, and they don’t turn into harmful microplastics. In fact, all of the packaging is designed to be sustainable. The cap and box are recyclable, and the paper stock is sustainably sourced. In Australian supermarkets where this toothpaste is sold off of the shelf, the trays on the shelves are recyclable as […]


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