Urban nature can have many positive effects on the environment and our mental health. Urban nature has many positive effects on the environment and our mental health. The distribution of urban greenery must be equally spread out to avoid inequalities similar to that of gentrification. Urban forests can become spaces for education, reflection and understanding. Many people have developed stronger relationships with urban nature during the pandemic . Some have enjoyed views of nearby trees and gardens during periods of isolation, taken walks after Zoom-filled days or socialized at a distance with friends in local parks. As housing has become increasingly unaffordable, some people have taken refuge in parks as places to live. As society “builds back better” from COVID-19, cities are increasingly aware of the importance of urban nature — particularly their urban forests — and are working to make it accessible to everyone. Montréal has promised $1.8 billion for city parks and some of Vancouver’s Making Streets for People program , which closed streets to traffic and connects green spaces, will likely persist after the pandemic . The more cities grow, the more urban residents need access to enjoy — and be in relationship with — urban […]


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