Luxury comes in many forms but often at a significant cost to the planet. This U.S.-based company aims to make your home and pool lounging both opulent and eco-friendly with vegan silk-based products that draw attention to sustainability in material selection, manufacturing practices and post-consumer waste. niLuu offers a stunning collection of loungewear that seamlessly doubles as swimwear coverups. Long and short robes, shorts, pants, wraps, pillowcases and even sleep masks are all made using a PETA-approved vegan silk. No silkworms are used in the products, and no animal proteins are used in production. According to the company, “To create traditional silk, over 1,000 silkworms are boiled to produce enough yarn for a single pillowcase. Additionally, and you might not even know it, materials such as bone marrow and egg yolk are used in traditional industrial fabric softeners, even for cotton fabrics.” For a capsule wardrobe, the solid and print pieces can be mixed and matched, and the company’s focus on quality equates to a long lifecycle. If the articles do find their way to a landfill, they are fully biodegradable , losing half their weight in just two months. The material, called Cupro, is the result of a […]


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