CARBIS BAY, England — Security is tight in the English county of Cornwall as President Biden and other leaders of the Group of Seven – seven of the world’s wealthiest countries — prepare to meet for a weekend summit beginning Friday. But if you want to catch a firsthand glimpse of Biden, Germany’s Angela Merkel or the other powerful politicians, your best bet may be a two-story sculpture that replicates their likenesses using electronic waste in the hills overlooking the resort where they are meeting. The sculpture, which is drawing large crowds, is arranged like Mount Rushmore — but with the G-7 leaders instead of U.S. presidents. The sculptors, artists Joe Rush and Alex Wreckage, have dubbed it “Mount Recyclemore.” Rush says he hopes the leaders spotted it on their flights to Cornwall and that it encourages them to address the world’s avalanche of e-waste. “The message is we have to find a way of dealing with this electrical waste that we’re producing, because we haven’t got ways of repairing it and we haven’t got ways of getting rid of it,” Rush says. The world produces about 53 million tons of e-waste annually and that volume is expected to […]


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