There is an astonishing environmental impact from everyday items, such as basic school supplies. In an effort to produce options that are more sustainable, a Japanese company, Mizuiro, Inc., has found a way to make the ubiquitous crayon with all-natural ingredients . Dubbed Oyasai Crayons, this product is made from rice and vegetables . The recipe relies on rice bran oil and rice wax from rice bran. Solid rice bran wax and liquid rice bran oil are both byproducts of the rice polishing process. The colors also come from recycled plant materials. During harvesting, the outer leaves of vegetables are typically discarded, but Oyasai Crayons make use of this food waste by collecting it and converting it into colors for the crayons. The same pigments used as ingredients in food are used to further enhance the colors. That means everything in these crayons is natural. We all know how kids tend to put things in their mouths, so Oyasai Crayons offer a relatively worry-free option. The idea was born when founder Naoko Kimura discovered the vivid and colorful options that could be produced by vegetables while working as a graphic designer and parenting from home. The idea grew with […]


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