Prince Charles has said businesses must lead the way alongside governments in tackling the climate emergency. Before the start of the G7 summit in Cornwall on Friday, he told a gathering of political and business leaders that private-sector cash and knowhow was essential, and businesses needed strong policy signals from government. He said: “We have a potentially gamechanging opportunity to drive forward the partnerships between government, business and private-sector finance that are absolutely vital if we are to win the battle to combat climate change and biodiversity loss … unless we can actually unlock the private sector’s resources and innovation, with the public sector setting the framework of incentives and regulation, we just don’t stand a chance of solving this existential crisis that we have been engineering over the years.” The prince met John Kerry, the US climate envoy, in London on Thursday, and also convened a group of international business leaders, who will be invited to speak to the G7 leaders about the climate crisis – an unusual departure for the G7 meeting, which is normally confined to the heads of government of the US, the UK, Japan, Canada, Germany, France and Italy, plus EU representatives. Boris Johnson […]


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