Shutterstock Licensed Photo – By Vectorpocket | stock vector ID: 774999844 There are hundreds of thousands of dams around the world. Dams are considered one of the most notable inventions of man in terms of the hydrological cycle. In addition, these structures have been one of the largest electricity sources, providing more or less 70% of the planet’s renewable energy . Be that as it may, just like all the other human interventions, hydropower comes with a considerable environmental cost. Aside from disrupting natural ecological processes within and around rivers, dams also contribute to biodiversity decline. These are just some of the several negative impacts that dams have brought upon the environment. Can Dams Be Made Environmentally Friendly? Although dams do have adverse repercussions, they are a human development that can’t be avoided or halted altogether. Dams play an essential role in producing hydropower, and there’s little to no possibility that modern societies will stop building and using them for the years to come. On a brighter note, though, more and more people are beginning to recognize the need to do something about the environmental impacts of dams. Thanks to better and more insightful innovations, dams can be environmentally […]


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