Jamie S. Foster/University of Florida Resupply Mission Successful A SpaceX resupply ship launched on Thursday has successfully reached the International Space Station (ISS) — and it’s carrying some unusual cargo: Glow-in-the-dark squid. The uncrewed cargo Dragon craft reached the ISS on Saturday morning, marking the 22nd resupply mission from SpaceX, according to Digital Trends . The ship carried more than 7,300 pounds of supplies for the ISS including new solar panels, a long-term power system upgrade, and a variety of scientific experiments that included the squid. Squids in Space More specifically, NASA sent a bobtail squid into space. The creatures are known for the bioluminescent light they emit to help them hunt. Before you ask: No, the squids aren’t hunting anything in space (though that’d be awesome). Researchers sent them up in order to study how microgravity impacts microbes in and on the squid’s bodies. “Animals, including humans, rely on our microbes to maintain a healthy digestive and immune system,” said Jamie Foster, principal investigator for the NASA research program the Understanding of Microgravity on Animal-Microbe Interactions, to NPR . “We do not fully understand how spaceflight alters these beneficial interactions.” By studying how microgravity impacts the squid and […]


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