Artificial intelligence could help reduce the amount of food waste. We each throw out 74kg (163 lbs) of food waste per person, per year. UN Sustainable Development Goals aim for 50% less food waste by 2030. AI software is shown to reduce supermarket food waste by a third. Tech startup Wasteless is using AI to cut down on food waste. Wasteless is a member of The Circulars Accelerator Cohort 2021 on UpLink. Admit it. We’ve all thrown good food away. It looked perfect in the supermarket. The ripe fruit or vegetables, the prime meat, the nutritious dairy products. But when past its peak – maybe it was close to the “best-before” date, into the garbage it goes. We throw out 74kg (163 lbs) of food annually per man, woman and child on the planet, while two billion of the world’s people suffer from hunger or undernourishment. In total 1.3 billion tonnes, or a third of all the world’s food produced, is wasted every year. With the challenge of ending global hunger in mind, the UN incorporated a target of halving global food waste by 2030 into the Sustainable Development Goals. The foods we throw away The chart above shows […]


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