The researchers hope AI will be able to differentiate between individual koalas using road crossings, based on their faces and their movements Artificial intelligence (AI) researchers in Australia are experimenting with facial recognition technology to monitor koalas as part of conservation efforts. The team from Griffith University in the northeast state of Queensland is attempting to use AI to recognize the marsupials when they use wildlife crossings, designed to offer the animals a safe route either over or under public roads. They hope the data would give a better understanding of how koalas are using them, and whether the crossings could be better located to protect them from getting injured by cars. "The goal of this project is to set up an AI-based monitoring facility to monitor the koalas’ road crossing behaviors, so that we can analyze how many koalas are using the facilities to cross the road using underground pathways or the above-road crossings," Jun Zhou, an associate professor at the university, said on Tuesday. Zhou is leading the two-year pilot study funded by the Queensland government through a AUD $90,000 ($70,000, €57,000) koala grant scheme. AI could end the need for manual camera checks or use of […]


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