Fussy is bringing the circular economy to deodorant by combining a refillable system designed by London studio Blond with a mail subscription service. Fussy ‘s natural deodorant blocks slot into a reusable case made from recycled plastic. Once the block runs out another can be inserted, helping to minimise waste. Fussy’s deodorant is endlessly refillable These blocks are designed to fit in an envelope, so they can be posted through a standard letterbox. This means that Fussy can regularly send refills out to its customers in the mail. Using a subscription service to make the process of refilling as easy as possible, the brand hopes to discourage its customers from switching back to disposable deodorants out of convenience. In this way, the product has a better chance of being sustainable in the long term. This approach sets Fussy aside from some other refillable deodorants on the market. The refills and the case are small enough to be posted through a letterbox Blond founder James Melia believes this kind of subscription model is perfectly suited to the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector, which currently accounts for huge amounts of plastic waste. "In the FMCG space, it certainly feels essential and […]


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