Fall and spring are election seasons in the United States when citizens select their representatives and pick their sides on local issues. Political signs sprout up in voters’ front yards to endorse the candidates and issues they want their neighbors to also support. After the election, these signs are usually no longer usable since the year or campaign branding becomes obsolete before the next election cycle. What should we do with our political yard sign after the election cycle ends? Are political signs recyclable? What else can these materials be used for? As always, it’s best to reuse and do our best to recycle items instead of sending them to the landfill. The materials, energy, and effort that were expended to make these signs are finite and should be conserved as much as possible. Recycling Political Signs Election yard signage typically has two parts: the metal stake that goes into the ground to support the sign and the sign itself with the campaign messaging. Neither of these two parts is recyclable in regular municipal curbside or drop-off recycling collection. These two sign components must be dropped off at a specialized recycling collection site. The metal stake is typically made […]


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