Recycling is the most basic environmental action, but it’s not as simple as you think. We’re still much better at recycling packaging than products, but packaging is all wrapped up in marketing, and that can generate a lot of confusion. That’s a problem because 55% of consumers rely on packaging labels to determine recyclability. Here are five myths about labels you can find on product packaging. The expiration date on the package is the day a product will go bad. Food waste is a huge global problem , and the expiration or sell-by dates on food packaging contribute a lot to it. If you throw food away as soon as the date on the package comes around, you are throwing away a lot of perfectly edible food. Except for infant formula , those dates are not regulated. And unless it’s deli meat or soft cheese, the date probably has nothing to do with food safety (although flavor may be slightly affected). In 2019, a bill was introduced to Congress that would have required standardized labeling with one quality date indicator and one safety date indicator. But that’s as far as it went. So for now, your own best judgment […]


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