Tomislav Tomasevic celebrates at his electoral headquarters in Zagreb, Croatia Aa Aa A left-wing green candidate won the race for the mayoralty of Zagreb on Sunday, soundly beating his far-right rival in a run-off which will bring the city a new mayor for the first time in two decades. Tomislav Tomasevic, who pledged a progressive environmental policy to improve life in the Croatian capital, won 65% of the vote. His opponent, 59-year-old former pop singer Miroslav Skoro, had pushed him to a run-off. The incumbent, Milan Bandic, had been mayor for more than 20 years. Accused of corruption, he was in the race for another term before dying of a heart attack in February. Tomasevic, 39, is seen as a symbol of a new generation of Croatian politicians, campaigned on a pledge to root out cronyism and the "octopus of corruption" in the capital. He pledged to make the capital "greener, fairer, more efficient and more transparent". The coalition led by his Mozemo (We Can) party won 23 seats in the 47-seat municipal assembly in national local elections a fortnight ago. He first ran for mayor in 2017, but won only 4% of the vote. Celebrating the victory, he […]


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