These amazing biodiversity hotspots of India are home to innumerable unique and fragile species of flora and fauna. Nature has liberally painted a variety of landscapes in our country. Many of these have been demarcated as Biodiversity Hotspots — areas that have extremely rich and diverse flora and fauna and are under threat of getting endangered. Officially, four out of the 36 Biodiversity Hotspots in the world are present in India: the Himalayas, the Western Ghats, the Indo-Burma region and the Sundaland. To these may be added the Sundarbans and the Terrai-Duar Savannah grasslands for their unique foliage and animal species. Himalayas If you drive northwards, up the Himalayas, you will not only feel the change in climate but also witness a continuously changing panorama — broad-leaved trees giving way to evergreen forests of oak and conifers to alpine meadows at much higher elevations where trees can’t grow because of the harsh climate and only ground-hugging plants thrive. Among the innumerable animal species to be seen here is the charismatic western tragopan. Its beautiful plumage — shades of blue, black, crimson and brown speckled with white — would make a textile designer swoon. The male shows off during courtship […]


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