Fewer things are more precious and spectacular than coral reefs . These beautiful underwater ecosystems are essential for many reasons. Besides being home to one-quarter of all marine species, they protect coastal areas against storms and are a source of income to hundreds of millions of people. Yet, coral reefs face numerous threats that could push them to the edge of depletion in the future. About 75% of these ecosystems are threatened by local and global pressures, including overfishing, pollution, warming, and ocean acidification . The good news is that we can do a few things to protect coral reefs and improve their chances of survival in the long term. As you plan your next beach or coastal vacation, here are a few things you can do to help save this valuable ecosystem: Protect Coral Reefs Protect Coral Reefs Practice safe boating Reckless boating can damage or destroy coral in seconds. A simple act such as dropping an anchor on coral can spell doom for the underwater world. It is advisable to anchor your boat on a sandy area away from corals. This helps prevent anchor damage to coral reefs and other fragile marine environments. Alternatively, […]


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