Shutterstock Ian Fletcher Close Authorship Spintex Engineering has mimicked the precision of a spider’s spinnerets to produce artificial spider silk for use in textiles, apparel, aerospace and automotive industries. When most people think about good design, they might think of an Eames lounge chair, an iPhone or Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture. Harmonizing functional perfection with a clean and timeless form, good design is often celebrated for its endurance and ability to remain relevant and adored for decades or even centuries. Not only have these iconic examples of good design stood the test of time, they also have been copied, mimicked and used to inspire designers across industries for years past, and will for years to come. When most people think about good design, they do not think about the speed of a sailfish, the strategy of serotinous pine cones or the resilience of a Joshua tree in the desert. They think about the products and places that people have built, not the forms and functions that have evolved in nature and endured for hundreds of millions of years. Arguably, the best design of all time. So why not learn from efficient, interconnected and balanced ecosystems to build our industrial […]


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