The rise of social media has changed the way many people think about tourism Tourism accounts for roughly 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and it’s a sector that is projected to keep growing. That’s a big concern for Richard Sharpley, professor of tourism and development at the University of Central Lancashire in the UK. He has been intrigued by the meaning of tourism and why we as humans feel compelled to travel since he went on a backpacking trip around Asia in the mid-1980s. That was a different time. Social media didn’t exist, there were few low-cost airlines, and there was no Fridays for Future movement raising awareness about the emissions from flights , for example. DW’s environment podcast "On the Green Fence" spoke to him about what motivates people to travel, and whether growing concerns about climate change could eventually lead to a shift in our behavior as tourists. DW : Going on holiday is something that many people in the Global North are used to doing every year. Why is traveling something that we feel compelled to do? Richard Sharpley: It’s a really interesting question, and I think it’s one that nobody’s really been able to […]


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