Consumer decisions could play a critical role in dealing with climate change. A study gauging perceptions was published May 13, 2021. By Lucca Henrion, Joe Árvai, Lauren Lutzke and Volker Sick Would you drink carbonated beverages made with carbon dioxide captured from the smokestack of a factory or power plant? How would you feel if that captured carbon dioxide were in your child’s toys, or in the concrete under your house? The technology to capture climate-warming carbon dioxide emissions from smokestacks, and even from the air around us, already exists; so too does the technology to use this carbon dioxide to make products like plastics, concrete , carbonated drinks and even fuel for aircraft and automobiles . That combination – known as carbon capture and utilization – could take up billions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions if the technologies were adopted across a range of sectors worldwide. But for that to happen, the public will have to accept these new products. Will they? That’s a question we have been exploring as engineers who work on carbon capture technologies and as social psychologists . One Key to Success: CCU Adds Economic Value Studies show that to stabilize the climate […]


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