Conservation efforts often focus on a particular animal or ecosystem, organizing to save the whales or the rainforests, for example. But, as the climate crisis and coronavirus pandemic have made all too clear, every creature and biome on this Earth is intimately connected. That is why Plastic Oceans International and ÜÑÜ are organizing the first ever Trees & Seas event this August to emphasize the link between ocean and forest health. "As our organization came to more closely embrace the concept of one shared experience – that we are all one planet, one environment and, in the end, one global community – it became clear to us that even our core issue of plastic pollution, as an ocean-based problem, was limited and incomplete," Plastic Oceans Chief Operating Officer Tod Hardin told EcoWatch in an email. To fill in its vision, the organization is hosting the Trees & Seas event from August 2 to 8. This week will combine action with education both in-person and with virtual events. While the hub of the event will be Chile’s Chiloé Island in Patagonia, there will also be activities in more than 20 other locations worldwide. Planned highlights of the event include: More […]


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