Consumers are starting to consider sustainability in their fashion choices. The fashion industry emits more CO2 than aviation and shipping combined. But attempts to create a fashion circular economy are stalling because of product identification issues. Now a New York start-up has developed a digital passport for clothing. It can track the entire lifecycle of a garment, helping to reduce waste. Eon is a member of The Circulars Accelerators Cohort 2021 on Uplink. Fashion has a sustainability problem. The industry is responsible for one-tenth of global carbon emissions and its business model relies on us discarding old clothes and buying new ones. Now a digital innovation aims to change all that. One of the greatest hindrances to creating a circular fashion economy has been product identification. That pre-owned item looks like a designer brand, but is it? When was it made and what’s it made of? New York start-up Eon says it can answer all those questions. Major fashion brands are currently uploading data about their products to Eon’s Connected Products platform , an Internet of Things (IoT) solution that tracks fashion items throughout their lifecycle. The platform gives each new fashion item a digital birth certificate which includes […]


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