Trophy hunters in Africa used to refer to a "Big 5" of wild animals that were particularly dangerous to kill: elephant, rhino, leopard, Cape buffalo and lion. Now, a new initiative seeks to transform the Big 5 concept into a celebration of life, not death. In a bid to raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity , a group of more than 250 wildlife photographers, conservationists and nonprofits came together to organize the New Big 5 of Wildlife Photography by asking people around the world to vote on their favorite animals to photograph or see photographed. As of today, the winners are in . The New Big 5 of Wildlife Photograph are elephants, polar bears, gorillas, tigers and lions. Elephants "The 5 animals that wildlife lovers around the world have voted to include in the New Big 5 of Wildlife Photography – elephants, gorillas, tigers, lions and polar bears – are not just some of the most beautiful, incredible animals on the planet. All 5 also face serious threats to their existence," Graeme Green, a British wildlife photographer and journalist who founded the New Big 5 project, said in a statement. Voting on the New Big 5 launched in […]


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