Avocado pits or onion skins are all you need to give an old t-shirt new life — and rethink your waste. Eliza Wapner of Lil Bits Cloth , a friend of Life Kit who uses plant-based dying practices to hand-make garments, says it’s all about "rediscovering what’s around you and what is already in your environment and turning that into an artistic practice." We’re all about starting a new hobby, so we asked Wapner to walk us through a dye recipe that uses basic household items such as laundry detergent and avocado skins and pits (or onion skins). While using food items to dye clothing takes patience and time, "This project is just about experimenting and having fun and giving your shirt a new life," says Wapner. Think of it as an at-home science experiment that results in a new article of clothing. Supplies List: White t-shirt. Any old t-shirt will do, just make sure it’s made of mostly (90% or above) natural fibers — think cotton, linen, silk or wool 3-6 avocado pits and skins or 6-10 onion skins Large pot (big enough so your shit can float in the water) Laundry detergent or any clear unscented soap […]


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