Shifting weather patterns, rising sea levels and more extreme weather events are evidence of a rapidly changing climate. These gradual shifts require urgent action and a need for solutions. Mercy Corps is helping remote communities around the world respond to the increasing risks of global warming. Around the world, people are experiencing both the subtle and stark effects of climate change. Gradually shifting weather patterns, rising sea levels and more extreme weather events are devastating evidence of both a rapidly changing climate and an urgent need for solutions. While the impacts of climate change affect every country on every continent, they don’t do it equally. People already burdened by poverty and oppression often suffer the harshest consequences, while having the least ability to cope. Their struggle to earn a living, feed their families and create stable homes is made more difficult every day the climate crisis continues. The increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events like hurricanes, wildfires and droughts threaten lives in these front-line communities, driving people from their homes and jeopardising food sources and livelihoods. All these effects increase the likelihood of more conflict, hunger and poverty. Still, the people most at risk are persisting despite […]


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