As any parent knows, if a child wants to know something, they’ll ask. And if they haven’t already, your young child will someday ask you a question related to our changing climate. It may come after hearing something directly during a play date or preschool, or through their own observation, perhaps following a strong storm or after seeing activists collecting petition signatures in a public park. We also live in a time when even the youngest kids can sometimes be exposed to really serious stories by simply flipping through TV channels looking for their favorite shows. When your child does begin to ask questions about global warming or the climate crisis, be sure to not ignore their curiosity – it could diminish their long-term interest or come off like you don’t think climate change is a big deal (and, to follow, neither should they). Instead, look at their curiosity as an opportunity to engage with them about this incredibly important issue. While many kids may not be fully equipped to truly tackle the science and stakes of the climate crisis until they’re a bit older, you can lay a strong foundation for future learning and action by engaging your […]


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