The recently concluded U.S. climate summit saw a number of countries making promises to added the current climate crisis and reduce global emissions. Whilst these promises are important, the action that follows is pivotal, says Pakistan’s Minister of Climate Change Many countries announced large emissions reduction plans, as well as technological or nature-based solutions. The recently concluded U.S. climate summit aimed to steer the world away from its current warpath with nature and inject positive political momentum into the fight against climate change. The unprecedented virtual congregation of world leaders, however, kept searching for that magic moment where the politics of climate change tip over and drive real action and set a purposeful direction to bend the curve on climate change. In terms of tangible takeaways, firstly it was obvious that after five years of self-inflicted isolation, the United States wanted to make a grand comeback in the climate arena. The pendulum politics played by them on climate change, including the unceremonious exit from the Paris Agreement, had created a credibility vacuum that was being strategically filled by China, with ambitious “nature-positive” announcements such as creation of an “eco-civilization” and achieving carbon neutrality by 2060. The U.S. summit has […]


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