We can then replicate the conditions that result in an adaptive city using technology. We’re helping to close the global infrastructure investment gap by mobilizing the private sector. For a more sustainable future, 21st century cities must be based on models of adaptation that are inspired by nature, writes architecture academic Mohammed Makki. The role of technology will be key when it comes to moving away from the fixed, outdated urban model from the early 1900s, which is contributing to climate change. Digital simulations can be used to see the evolution of cities over centuries. This understanding will ensure that our cities of the future are greener and can adapt well to change. “Among all species, it is perhaps only humans who create habitats that are not fit to live in.” – Stephen Marshall It’s a damning statement but one that can be reasonably argued to be true . We don’t have the best track record in creating lasting and sustainable habitats, especially if one considers cities built in the past century. The next 50 years will demand a new model of urban development. For a more sustainable future in a world of climate change, 21st-century cities must be […]


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