It may be the most surprising addition to the growing number of states setting aggressive climate goals. Louisiana’s economy has long relied on the production of oil, gas and petrochemicals. But in a major shift, officials are looking to dramatically reduce the fossil fuel emissions that disproportionately ravage the state with powerful hurricanes, intense floods, rising seas and extreme heat. "Taking action to address climate change can strengthen our communities and our economy," said Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards last week in a statement announcing his plan to join the U.S. Climate Alliance. It follows an executive order late last year setting a goal of making Louisiana carbon-neutral by 2050. "Our kids are counting on us," Edwards said at the inaugural meeting of his Climate Initiatives Task Force. "If anyone can identify innovative and sustainable solutions for our future, it’s Louisiana." The move would put Louisiana in line with President Biden’s ambitious climate target for the entire country, and what scientists say is needed globally to avoid the most catastrophic consequences of the warming climate. But it’s not clear how Louisiana could achieve that, or if Edwards can overcome political and industry pushback. "Historic step forward" Louisiana is the […]


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