The first ever 3D-printed house, located in the Netherlands. By the end of this decade, as many as three billion people will be in need of better housing . Meeting that need would mean building 96,000 new homes every day, according to UN Habitat. Could giant 3D printers be one of the solutions? They can produce houses cheaper and faster than traditional building techniques and have already provided homes for people around the world. If adopted at scale, this approach could put roofs over millions of people’s heads. Here are three examples of 3D-house-printing in action that show the promise of this revolutionary construction method. India: A single-storey home in just five days In the city of Chennai, a collaboration between a construction firm and a charity has resulted in the creation of the country’s first 3D-printed home. It is around 56m2 in size, and was built with efficiency in mind, according to Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions. “ Traditional construction is tedious and time-consuming ,” said Adithya Jain, Tvasta’s CEO and co-founder. “People are increasingly getting left out as affordability is limited, or settling for low-quality homes.” As well as completing the house in just five days, the finished building […]


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