The technologies required for a transition to a sustainable world are already known, and new, profit-making tech is not necessary. What is needed is a profound shift in political will and a framework of environmental justice. “Those who wring their hands and say it cannot be done so swiftly, that we need bridging measures, like nuclear power, or extensive artificial carbon capture and storage, underestimate the incredible ability and ingenuity of humanity,” the executive director of the Environmental Justice Foundation argues in a new op-ed for Mongabay. This post is a commentary. The views expressed are those of the author, not necessarily Mongabay. I am not here to give you a startling new angle on the climate crisis . I cannot claim to have the silver bullet, the awe-inspiring technology that will solve all our problems at a stroke. But as someone who has worked on this issue for the past 30 years, listening to those on the frontlines of the crisis, speaking to the scientists examining the data, what I do see is this: We have nearly all the solutions needed at our fingertips. Let’s lay out the stark facts. If we do not reach zero carbon by […]


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