It could only be a matter of time until your Apple Watches are powered efficiently by sweat New technology that would enable users of smart watches to power their gadgets with sweat has been discovered by researchers at the Tokyo University of Science. The group of Japanese scientists have successfully tested a biofuel cell set up that generates electric power from lactate chemicals in the wearer’s sweat. Wearable technologies are seen as great tools for monitoring people’s health and improving functionality for those with accessibility needs. By capitalising on sweat production we could be looking at a more environmentally friendly way of powering these devices that doesn’t rely on batteries. – It is a near-guaranteed source of biofuel energy produced by our own bodies. This development seeks to address a problem once faced by smartphones that is now integral to the rise of this industry. Developers of wearable technology have long desired an energy source that satisfies user power demands without compromising on size. Traditional button batteries are a problem for the sleek aesthetics that draw in a lot of consumers, and thinner batteries reduce the item’s ability to last throughout the day. What does the device’s biofuel technology […]


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