talk to kids about climate change Parents will always have the urge to protect their children from harsh truths. One of these is climate change . Unfortunately, however, choosing to sweep the matter under the rug doesn’t solve the problem or even make it disappear. You need to somehow start talking to your kids about climate change. If your children don’t hear about it from you, they’ll hear it elsewhere. They also have a right to know about it, seeing as they will bear the brunt of the consequences. Talking about climate change with your kids, in a manner that is open and honest, can help prepare them to deal with it better, and to remain resilient though the process. What’s more, there is no better source for children to learn this from than their most trusted source of information: their parents. With that in mind, here are 6 useful tips to help you talk to your children about climate change. Take your child’s age into consideration Some experts recommend against getting into the technical specifics with very young children, since they haven’t achieved the developmental stage to process them just yet. Instead, when you talk to kids about […]


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