EcoWatch joins Fabien Cousteau to remove marine debris in the Florida Keys and talk about the future of the oceans. Tiffany Duong / Ocean Rebels Much of what we’ve been able to learn about the underwater world has built on the legacy of underwater explorer and pioneer Jacques Yves Cousteau . In 1943, Cousteau invented the aqua-lung, which completed his self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA). This technology forever changed how humans interact with the blue world and remains the precursor of modern-day scuba diving equipment. Cousteau’s eldest grandson, Fabien, was born to continue his grandfather’s legacy. Fabien learned to scuba dive on his fourth birthday and joined his famous grandfather on his legendary ships, the Calypso and Alcyone. Now, the younger Cousteau is following in his grandfather’s footsteps and bubbles, taking the ocean exploration and conservation he grew up with and giving it a modern, technology-driven, community-focused revamp. EcoWatch recently joined Fabien and members of his team at the Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center (FCOLC) on marine debris cleanup dives in the Florida Keys. Funded and organized by the "Goal: Clean Seas Florida Keys" program, the program is a partnership between the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, the National […]


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