The city of Los Angeles has been certified as biodiversity haven by the National Wildlife Federation. The certification makes Los Angeles the largest city in the U.S. to have attained this feat. The city registered for the program with the National Wildlife Federation in August last year and started campaigns to get residents to help with the mission to boost the city’s wildlife. To achieve this goal, it took the collective work of city residents, organizations and schools, all of which turned to gardening with native plants , reducing or eliminating pesticide use and designing wildlife-supporting green spaces. Individuals registered 1,078 residential yards to be considered biodiversity havens. Further, 34 schools and 140 common areas were also registered for the program. After application, groups and individuals were required to practice gardening and construction projects with wildlife in mind. In the end, with the implementation of sustainable gardening efforts, individual residents and schools received their own certificates of biodiversity haven status. “This certification celebrates the ongoing work of LA Sanitation and our City Departments, our ecologist in Planning, our City Forest Officer, our Expert Biodiversity Panel, and all our local environmental organizations who labor every day to redirect the trajectory […]


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