In this video produced by Dezeen for Magis , Stefan Diez explains how the new sofa system he designed for the Italian furniture brand is both user-friendly and part of a circular economy. The Costume modular sofa , designed by Munich-based industrial designer Diez for Magis , is made of recycled plastic and designed to be easily assembled and dismantled by the user when needed. The sofa’s modular construction was designed to make cleaning, repairing and replacing its components simpler than with traditional sofa systems. Costume by Stefan Diez for Magis. "Magis approached me with a brief to re-think the traditional sofa system," Diez explained in the video. "They challenged me to come up with a sofa with an industrial soul, that was modular in nature, could be easily assembled and dismantled by the user and fit into the principles of the circular economy," he added. The system is broken down into four main components: a seat, a pair of armrests and an ottoman. Other components include the cushioning element: a pocket spring and a thin layer of foam, which is held in place by a fabric cover. Offered in different colours and textures, the fabric cover is attached […]


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