herbs to grow For most people, having their little herb garden at home is a dream come true. However, growing herbs successfully requires the right climatic conditions. What are the right herbs to grow at home? The right choice depends on your climate. Some herbs are fragile, while others can thrive no matter what mother nature throws their way. Whether you live in a hot or a cold zone, below you’ll find herb options that can thrive in your garden. Choosing the Best Herb for Your Climate Herbs include a wide range of plants and leaves. Determining the best options for your garden comes down to your home needs, and more important, your climate. For instance, sweet woodruff and mint are shade-loving herbs that thrive in moist woodland settings. On the other hand, oregano and lavender are Mediterranean herbs that thrive under the sun, lean soil and warm temperature. Annual herbs like chervil, coriander, basil, and dill grow best in full sunshine. When planning your herb garden, choose the best herbs depending on your climate. By choosing optimal conditions for growing herbs , you are guaranteed that your herb garden will thrive. Growing Herbs and Vegetables in the Tropical […]


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