Arulagam Foundation’s Instagram video throws light on why the much-maligned vultures are vital for infection control in our ecosystem Did you know our feathery friends could be our allies in mitigating the spread of disease that can otherwise infect other animals, including livestock and humans? An Instagram post by Arulagam Foundation (@Arulagam), an NGO that works with vulture conservation in the Nilgiris Biosphere has come up with a short video that explains why vultures are protectors of nature. “Human race has encountered many viruses like COVID-19,” says S Bharathidasan, founder of Arulagam, adding, “As shown in the video, our rich biodiversity plays a huge role in keeping the germs at check. Of the many organisms, vultures, as carcass feeders, play a significant role. Though there is no direct relationship between vultures and COVID-19, it’s high time we realised their importance and protected them. The scavenger birds hold the key for a natural mechanism of infection control.” Often reviled for their appearance and feeding behaviour, vultures are the scavengers who do the work of cleaning up, and keeping the ecosystem healthy. “The beauty is, despite feeding on infected carcass, vultures do not get infected. The acids in their stomach are […]


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