New species of shrew Crocidura narcondamica discovered from Narcondam island | Photo Credit: Crocidura narcondamica, an insectivorous mammal, was found in the volcanic and uninhabited island. Scientists from the Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) have discovered a new species of insectivorous mammal, a white-toothed shrew, from Narcondam Island of the Andaman and Nicobar group of islands. The species Crocidura narcondamica is a new addition to the list of mammals found in the country. Shrews are small and mouse-like mammals, and they live in sub-leaf stratum in the forests. Insects are the primary diet of these animals. “This is the first discovery of a shrew from this volcanic island (Narcondam Island) and it increases the number of White-toothed shrew (genus Crocidura ) species in India from 11to 12,” said Chandrakasan Sivaperuman, Scientist and Officer-in-Charge, at ZSI, Andaman & Nicobar Regional Centre. The new species is of medium size (head and body lengths) and has a distinct external morphology with darker grey dense fur with a thick, darker tail compared to other species of the genus, Dr. Sivaperuman added. He also said craniodental characters of the species such as braincase was rounded and elevated with weak lambdoidal ridges makes the species […]


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