The electric vehicle maker Arrival aims to start producing cars by 2023 with design help from Uber , in the latest step by the UK-headquartered startup’s ambitious plans to take on the automotive industry. The car, developed specifically for use by ride-hailing drivers, will be Arrival’s first, adding to buses that are due to be on UK roads this year , as well as urban delivery vans. Uber, the US leader in ride-hailing, would also explore a “strategic relationship in key markets, including the UK and EU”, the companies said. However, no money will change hands, and the agreement so far is not exclusive. Tom Elvidge, Arrival’s senior vice president for mobility, said production could take place in the UK, although no final decision on factory locations had been made. The design of the car aims to be more comfortable for drivers who spend hours a day at the wheel, and use hard-wearing, easy-to-clean materials. Other features could include a front passenger seat that can fold away to fit more luggage and a panoramic glass roof. It would be “fundamentally something that’s built and designed from the ground up with ride-hailing in mind”, rather than being aimed at consumers, […]


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