Suzi Eszterhas was recently named Outstanding Nature Photographer of the Year by the North American Nature Photography Association, only the second woman to receive this honor in 24 years. Her book “New On Earth: Baby Animals in the Wild” now in bookstores showcases her specialty: photographing newborn and young wildlife. Her secret is speed and great patience: she travels at a moment’s notice to capture newborn animals on camera, but can wait weeks for cautious parents to relax enough with Eszterhas nearby for truly candid, natural scenes to happen. She spoke with Mongabay during a May 2021 interview. Suzi Eszterhas is an award-winning wildlife photographer whose work adorns over 100 cover and feature stories for publications from TIME to Smithsonian , BBC Wildlife , The New York Times , and Ranger Rick . With 21 books in print and another three in progress, she is always on the go but it’s usually a case of ‘hurry up and wait.’ Best known for her work documenting newborn animals and family life in the wild, she’s constantly ready for biologists to alert her about a new birth which sends her hurrying out the door, but upon arriving it can be weeks […]


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