Most of us are aware that renewable energy is the only sustainable option we have to power our homes. But there are plenty of amazing nuggets of information that you might not have known, and which show just how far we’ve come in terms of creating a cost-effective alternative to fossil fuels. They might even make you want to look at how energy is supplied to your home by re-evaluating your electricity plan and how you heat your house . 10 Interesting Facts about Renewable Energy Hydropower makes up 18% of the world’s generation of power, making it the largest renewable energy source. In the UK, it’s wind energy that reigns supreme. We have nearly 11,000 turbines producing enough energy to power 18 million homes. Iceland generates 100% of its electricity and heat from renewable resources . It’s the only country to do so, and takes advantage of the geothermal energy from the volcanic regions on the island, as well as hydropower. Women make up just 21% of roles in the fossil fuel industry, but 32% in the renewable energy industry. In 2020, global investment in green energy rose by 9%. There’s nothing new about renewable energy – harnessing […]


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