Our lives often follow a linear path. We buy something, throw it away when we’re done with it, and that’s where too many stories end. This pattern leads to a lot of waste . If we want to combat this wastefulness, it’s time to start living life in a circle. Completing the circle means taking the waste and turning it into something new. This circular approach to life is exactly what Circle by Norm is all about. Belgian sneaker brand Norm is taking steps toward a sustainable future. The Circle by Norm recycling campaign aims to create a more circular approach toward making shoes . This means Norm will collect used shoes, give away pairs that can still be worn and recycle those that are beyond repair into new shoes. “By launching our brand, we wanted to have a positive impact on society while producing a shoe with a studied design,” said Nicolas Lavigna, Norm co-founder and designer. “With this first campaign, we hope to achieve 20% recycled shoes.” These shoes are made in Europe, and 90% of each shoe’s components come from recycled materials. For example, each pair is made using six recycled water bottles . According to […]


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