Happy Mother’s Day to our juicy, exhausted orb. We celebrate your bounty, stand in awe of your HD iguana versus snake fights (IYKYK), and stress out about how soon we might be living in a shittier version of Waterworld. (Working title, Bezoslandia. ) We humbly come to you with an offering of eco-friendly cleaning supplies, mattresses, and single-use plastic eradicaters to start making all of this [points to Gowanus Canal] better. We’re not here to take you on a lyrical doom scroll on this most resplendent, vaccinated Earth Day. The pandemic has already exacerbated our sense of mental stability, made its own environmental mess , and made us reconsider what exactly what practices we can feasibly do to live better within our communities, whether that means using less plastic, creating less overall waste, or learning how to protect our neighbors and ourselves in a food system with racial and socioeconomic inequalities. Maybe tomorrow we’ll wake up as a less optimistic flavor of concerned, but today we’re a scoop of Hallmark Channel-hopeful that we can all make better choices for less Trash Planet living. Easier said than done. But think of it like this: Look around your room, and consider […]


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