When it comes to greening your wardrobe, a lot depends on what you do with your clothing at the end of its usefulness to you. We urge you to never send clothing to the landfill. Textile recycling is alive and well in the United States. Almost always, nonprofits that accept donations of clothing will recycle articles that are not reusable. Underwear is sometimes an exception with clothing donations, for obvious sanitary reasons. And with all textiles, there are grades: Is the undergarment reusable or is it worn out? Sometimes underwear is still in very good shape and should find a new user. This is especially true for kids’ underthings that they grow out of quickly. Nonprofits That Accept Underwear Many nonprofits use donations of clothing and housewares to fund their mission while providing clothing to those in need either at low or no cost. Some of these include USAgain , Easter Seals , The Purple Heart Foundation , and the Salvation Army . Others such as PlanetAid provide usable clothing to sellers in other countries to distribute in their stores. All of these groups state that they will send unusable clothing for recycling. The textiles can be shredded and […]


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