The food website Epicurious will no longer feature beef in its recipes, in an effort to help drive more sustainable consumption. The decision to cut cows from the menu was announced on Monday, but the organisation is confident readers will not miss the meat – because it actually made the change a year ago and has not published a beef recipe since. “We’ve cut out beef,” said Maggie Hoffman, the senior editor, and David Tamarkin, the former digital director , of the site. “Beef won’t appear in new Epicurious recipes, articles, or newsletters. It will not show up on our homepage. It will be absent from our Instagram feed. “We know that some people might assume that this decision signals some sort of vendetta against cows – or the people who eat them. But this decision was not made because we hate hamburgers (we don’t!). Instead, our shift is solely about sustainability, about not giving airtime to one of the world’s worst climate offenders. We think of this decision as not anti-beef but rather pro-planet.” The choice will not render Epicurious a completely beef-free zone. The site still has more than 1,000 recipes for beef filling out its copious […]


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