So iLL, Inc., launched in 2019, has developed a product line of bags, shoes, shirts and face masks, all with attention to recycled and natural materials. The brand is gaining attention with its new collection of vegan shoes in partnership with actor Jason Momoa. Momoa and So iLL founder Daniel Chancellor were introduced through a mutual friend in Los Angeles and quickly found they shared a passion for climbing. With a respect for So iLL and a desire to collaborate on a line of outdoor products, a partnership was born. The collection includes shoes that honor Momoa’s passion for climbing, which he credits for guiding his life, saying, “Climbing found me, it blessed me, and I fell in love with it.” The On the Roam Momoa Pro and Momoa Pro LV climbing shoes are ready for ascent with a lightweight design, fabric-fastener closure and a notable nod to Momoa’s niho mano, a traditional triangular patterned tattoo that resembles shark teeth. Also part of the On the Roam Collection is the Yaya Lavender Roamer and Unity Purple Roamer, both made using 100% organic cotton for the canvas upper and 30% BLOOM Resin for the insole. BLOOM technology is a plant-based […]


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